What are we?

What PSC Consulting can do for you

Who we are

PSC Consulting Ltd. is a highly trained group of computing professionals and support staff offering a wide range of expertise in all aspects of the computing field. We offer more than 80 years of combined experience.

Our skills and expertise overlap and complement each other. By offering service in this manner, we are able to provide the right person to meet our clients specific needs at a very reasonable price. If a client has a problem, they call one number &endash; we solve the problem.

We are third party consultants – we do not sell hardware or software, only our services and expertise. We have no vested interest in you buying something, and we work only for you, our client

While we specialize in the Apple Macintosh system, we also support PC and mixed environments, including cross platform exchange of data.

We have been incorporated in Alberta and operating since 1983, and currently support over 120 satisfied clients throughout Alberta and B.C. Our goal is to provide long term, high quality expertise and service for our clients.

What we do

Our areas of expertise include:

  • WWW site and page development using the latest, most cost effective development tools
  • Web site and server maintenance and upgrade
  • Custom WWW server for specialized or secure web pages
  • Standalone computer based kiosk design and creation, often using already existing internet materials to reduce costs
  • Database design and development – local, multi-user and internet accessible
  • Macintosh and PC setup, installation, problem solving, and maintenance
  • Data translation – Mac to PC, PC to Mac, and hundreds more
  • Data recovery from lost and damaged disks.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) design and installation, including PC/Macintosh interfaces and fileserver access
  • Training – most commercial packages, including MacSchool, eClass, and all Microsoft and Claris packages. In addition, we treat all consultations as training sessions, and enjoy working with your support staff and enhancing their skills.
  • Graphics design – full page graphics to web graphics, color and monochrome
  • DeskTop Publishing – brochures to books of more than 3,000 pages, plus internet publishing (including PDF format).
  • Needs analysis and system design – purchase only the hardware you need, not what someone wants to sell you.
  • Y2K analysis and assistance – we will help you ensure a minimum of problems in your transition to the next century.

Our goal is to provide a complete computer support service for our clients, no matter what the problem or requirement. Instead of contacting a variety of companies to resolve a problem, one telephone call or email to us will get the issue resolved now.

How we can help you

If you have a computing requirement that you don’t know how to address, or where to start, talk to us. It costs nothing to find out how we can assist you. Often we can help you achieve your goals in much less time than doing it yourself in-house, and at a fraction of the cost

More information?


Call or email us:

Telephone: (780) 459-9280

email: peter@psc-consulting.ca