Programs and Documentation

by: Keith Fenske
March 2014

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Most documentation here is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. See the Adobe download page for a free copy of Adobe Reader, or this Wikipedia page for a list of alternative PDF software.

Many computer systems have their own PDF readers.


Java software on this web site is free and has been released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The same Java programs will run on Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc. You may need to download the Java "run-time environment" first. All packages are in ZIP format and include brief installation instructions. See reviews on (Linux, Macintosh, Windows).

GNU General Public License (GPL) programs are free to use, and free to redistribute as-is without changes. Use of these programs is entirely at your own risk. The author or authors are not responsible for your ability or inability to use the programs, or for what may happen if you do use them. Please read the license (long and boring) or the frequently asked questions (FAQ). You must agree to the GPL if you want to make changes to a program or its accessory files, or to use any file outside the context intended by the author or authors in their original distribution. The conditions of the GPL are actually quite generous and are meant to ensure that you are equally generous.

Java Utilities

Small Java utility programs. No formal documentation. No support. Only Java source code, compiled class files, and a public license (GNU GPL). See the program comments and/or command-line help for information. Otherwise, you're on your own. Ability to edit and recompile recommended.

One person's essential utility is another person's indifference. That's why these programs have no warranty. Don't complain, don't criticize, and if they aren't what you want, make your changes or go elsewhere. Questions may be answered on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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