3 Ways to Maximize Postcard Printing Services

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Postcard printing and mailing are an effective method to communicate with your clients and spread your brand with small or large groups of people. You can also take advantage of direct mail marketing campaigns to make a huge impact on your consumers. Your chosen printing and mailing company will help you in creating effective marketing campaigns through postcard printing and mailing. They can help you in creating an impactful campaign using the right postcard printing and mailing solution. Most companies look for professional printing and mailing services.

Here are a few tips to consider before you order a bunch of postcard printing and mailing solutions:

Choose a printing and mailing service based on your postcard printing needs

Professional postcard printing services can print postcards for businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and corporations. Custom postcard printing services have specialized in offering custom postcards for groups of all sizes since 1984. These printing and mailing solutions offer low-cost solutions for marketing and promotional purposes.

Choose a printer offering high-quality postcard printing services

Many online printing and mailing services offer printing and mailing services with different levels of quality and sophistication. It is important to choose a printer that can deliver quality postcards with affordable prices. Proofreading, extras and discounts are some of the things you should consider when choosing a printing and mailing company.

Proofread the postcard before sending it to the client

It is important to proofread the postcard once you receive it so that there are no mistakes that might cause damage or delay in the process. Ensure that the postcard is crisp, clean and easy to read on every page. Make sure that the postcard has the right orientation: portrait (tall) or landscape (wide). This ensures that the marketing postcard will be printed correctly and appear attractive and eye-catching.

Prepare the contents of the postcard

Do not expect your prospect to be familiar with your entire marketing plan. Send your prospect a postcard without anything inside except for the brief introduction paragraph. If you have the contents ready, then you need not bother about filling in the forms especially if you send the postcard on a public mailing day. However, if you want to address the prospect’s issues or personalize your postcard, you have to complete these tasks ahead of time.

Make the postcard in reverse type

Most printing companies allow the client to select the mail a letter online press printing method. If you don’t like the reverse type, simply tell your printer. Most experienced printers can accommodate most clients’ requests.

Customize your postcard

Once you’ve made your order, the printing vendor will have some suggestions on how you can customize your postcard. Digital printing allows you to add design elements like border and envelope color, as well as lining colors, reflective material and UV coating. This is how you can make your postcard unique and stand out among your competitors.

Mail the postcard

Once you have custom printed your postcard, it’s now time to mail it to your customer. Most printing vendors will offer postcard mailing service or you can personalize your mailing box with a postcard holder and stamp. You can mail your postcard either in person or by private delivery services (by regular snail mail or express mail). But most probably, you should mail it by the US Postal Service (USPS).

Print the postcard on the front of the postcard

This is usually done by the printing company. You can also have them do it for you by choosing among several pre-designed templates offered by the USPS.

Add a postcard printing logo or marketing tools

You can insert graphic images or text on your postcard to make it more appealing to your customers. Some popular marketing tools include: business logos, photos, maps, testimonials, discount coupons and the likes. For example, if you are marketing your postcard services in Texas, you can include the Texas State Capital or the Guadalupe Mountains in the photo. This will not only give you an effective way to market your company but also make other people see what Texas has to offer.

Mail it to your customers

Printing companies usually allow you to mail your custom postcards for a set fee. The mailing rates vary depending on the size and quantity of the materials that you need to mail. Some companies require you to mail out a set amount of materials for a set fee while some allow you to select what kind of materials you want to mail out. In any case, you need to know exactly what they require so you can quote them right away.