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It is a great way to get to know more of your classmates and subject mates better and have a good time with them. This is a good way to know them well and of course to spend time talking to them not about the subject and class homework. You will be able to share good times with them by playing games or setting a good movie marathon. You can plan this one with your close friends in the room. You share ideas and suggestions about the things that your mates will enjoy. Setting a theme or a costume party would be a great idea. Parents would not be so worried if they knew that their kids will be spending this time with their classmates in a party bus service company.  

Here are some of the ideas that you could have and do during the school party bus. 

  1. You can prepare for different kinds of snacks and foods to enjoy more of the party. You can ask someone on who will be responsible of buying the curls and candies. You can also tell them to donate foods or money to buy the ingredients of the dish that the people will be responsible of cooking it.  
  2. Everyone can bring their toy games or even board games. In this way, aside from eating the foods you have prepared you may also enjoy the ride by playing some interesting games at the same time.
  3. Watching a movie or even a video clip could make the environment better. You can do this while having the dinner or maybe during the snack time. Try to choose the interesting type of movie to watch. You don’t need to bring a big screen or a gadget to watch the movie as inside of it has a big wide screen.
  4. Sharing of stories and experiences. One way of getting the attention and make the things good is to open up something aboutyou like and dislike about one person. You can have your own personalstories to share or even a good experience that you want everybody to know it.  
  5. Someone can perform a special intermissionnumber. It could be singing or dancing. This is the good chance to show your and their hidden talent and skills. You can prepare some gifts or token to those who will participate and give their very best during the performance.
  6. If you want something to be extraordinary and special to everyone. You can have aconsensusof letting everyone agree to wear a costume. It could be about Halloween or scary clothes, cartoons or even you can set a theme of your own.  
  7. Before the party night ends, you could all dance together with the music. You can let your hair down and swag to the beat of the song.

You could talk to your parents and ask them some advice on how to make the event fantastic and memorable. They could help you more as well in preparing for a great experience.  

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